Placing an Order

It is 7:30AM, you have just completed your daily inventory and you realize that you need to order chemicals from Coyne Chemical. But, Coyne Customer Service does not open until 8:30AM, and you cannot sit in the office waiting to call. You can leave yourself a note, but that is not a guarantee that you will remember. Do you wish that there was a way to place the order now? Well…there is!

Emailing your order to is the easiest, most efficient way to place an order with us. Orders can be placed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. By placing an order via email, you are assuring that our Customer Service department is receiving the most precise and accurate information. You can attach any Purchase Order documentation to the email. Emailing ensures a confirmation response that your order is being processed, as well as a confirmed delivery date that will assist you in scheduling manpower.

If you are currently calling in your orders or emailing to a specific Coyne Customer Service Representative, we ask that you begin emailing to and carbon copy your Customer Service Representative. This will ensure that in times of absence or vacation, your order will not be missed.

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