Endimal™ Series — Odor Control

What is that rotten egg smell? Why does the treatment plant smell so bad?

Wastewater treatment plants have often experienced complaints due to dealing with unpleasant odors resulting from the influent, biosolids separation processes, sludge storage areas, etc. Odors are generally created by the biological degradation of sulfur compounds in the waste flow, but other odors (dimethyl disulfides, amines, mercaptans, etc.) may also be present. The Endimal product line, developed by DuPont/IDI, was created to resolve odor issues associated with solids handling. This product line offers specific oxidation chemistry for many municipal applications, and is a proven cost effective, safe, and reliable alternative for odor control.

Endimal is stored as a liquid and offers a long shelf life, considered generally safe to handle, and poses no inhalation/dusting hazards such as with potassium permanganate. Endimal is also less of an environmental impact as it reduces to standard table salt during the treatment process. And, due to lower dosage requirements than other oxidizers and chemistries, Endimal is known for its cost effectiveness.

Endimal has demonstrated up to a 6%+ mass reduction in dewatered cake solids, according to plant trial data. This data has also shown a lower dosage amount than previously used chemistries. Endimal can prevent sulfide accumulation in a plant by rendering near-zero dissolved sulfide levels in the recycled filtrate stream — as well as in the solids separation process building atmosphere — making the environment safer for all plant personnel.

Applications for Endimal in Wastewater Treatment

  • Elimination of Odor Source
  • Lift Stations
  • Sludge Dewatering Operations
  • Odor Scrubbers
  • Biosolid Pile Deodorant
  • Biofilm Reducer

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Endimal is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.