Why Cabot NORIT Activated Carbon products?

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane Sulfate (PFOS) are fluorinated organic chemicals commonly known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). PFASs are found in many manufactured products including cookware, clothing, carpeting, essentially products with stain resistant coatings, and most widely known, fire fighting foam.

PFASs have been brought to the forefront in recent years as suspected carcinogens and having the ability to accumulate in the body over time with little to no breakdown. The EPA has recognized PFASs as potential cause of human health effects, especially during pregnancy and in infants. In addition, the EPA has issued a health advisory while it pursues additional studies. Presently, limits have been set at 70 ppt (parts per trillion) for potable water but some states are legislating stricter limits.

How does one treat for PFASs?

The most common method is activated carbon adsorption. Coyne’s supplier, Cabot NORIT® Activated Carbon, has recently conducted studies showing several of their products have enhanced removal capabilities over other carbons.

HYDRODARCO® 4000 activated carbon a highly mesoporous acid washed steam activated lignite granular carbon for surface, well water, and point-of-entry systems 

NORIT GAC 400 PLUS activated carbon – an acid washed steam activated reagglomerated bituminous granular carbon for well water and point-of-entry systems 

HYDRODARCO B a highly mesoporous steam activated lignite powdered carbon for conventional surface water systems 

DARCO® S-51 activated carbon a highly mesoporous acid washed steam activated lignite powdered carbon for water systems where high purity is required 

You can find more information about Cabot NORIT Activated Carbon PFAS research on their website at: http://www.cabotcorp.com/solutions/applications/water-purification/potable-water 

So, why Cabot NORIT Activated Carbon products? Because their activated carbon products have high mesopore volume which has shown to be a critical quality in field applications versus lab bench studies. Highly mesoporous carbons, such as lignite based carbons, are more diverse in their ability to not only remove PFAS contaminants but also continue to treat the water supply without becoming consumed by background TOC levels, lignins, tannins, and other residual contaminants found in most drinking water supplies. As a result, a number of water treaters, including both for ground and surface water sources, are experiencing longer life and lower total costs of ownership in their systems.

Contact Coyne Environmental Services for more information regarding PFAS treatment utilizing Cabot NORIT Activated Carbon products, or any other water treatment application you may be faced with. Please contact your Coyne Chemical Application Specialist, or contact us via email at: CSReps@coynechemical.com

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