Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) Testing in Wastewater Treatment

What is Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a dense, heavier than air, colorless, odorous toxic gas which occurs naturally through anaerobic decay of organic matter. It is easily identified by its sulfuric “rotten egg “smell. H2S is naturally converted into Sulfuric Acid with available moisture and not only impairs performance of Wastewater Treatment operations, but is also extremely detrimental to the surrounding infrastructure due to its highly corrosive properties to various metals, electrical components, and concrete. Hydrogen Sulfide can also be extremely toxic at levels above 500ppm and must be controlled to avoid injury and even death.

Where do we find Hydrogen Sulfide? 

In most Wastewater Treatment applications, we are likely to find H2S issues in both collections systems and biosolids storage and processing applications.

Testing Hydrogen Sulfide. 

Hydrogen Sulfide is measured using various testing kits or atmospheric samplers. Coyne’s Chemical Application Specialists utilize two different types in our evaluations depending on the application and treatment need:

  • LaMotte (www.lamotte.com): This kit will provide both total sulfides as well as dissolved sulfide parameters and is especially good when dealing with H2S in collections systems and solids separation processes for it’s the dissolved content that is the cause of the odors.
  • Oda Log (www.Detectioninstruments.com): This is a very reliable atmospheric measuring and recording device we utilize in both solids separation and collection testing as well. The data recording capabilities are extremely important to be able to monitor results 24/7.

Finding what’s right for your application. 

Coyne Chemical Environmental Services currently employs a number of chemical technologies that can be used to control the H2S as well as other odorous compounds in your facility. Remember, not all products are good for all applications. It takes a trained individual along with multiple treatment options to determine the best fit. We can visit your facility, review with you your treatment needs, perform a background analysis and find what will work in your application. For more information or set a date on which to meet, contact one of our Chemical Application Specialists today at www.coyneenvirnmental.com or call us at 215-785-3000.

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