New Products

Coyne Environmental strives to stay on top of new technologies required to meet today’s ever changing regulations and treatment needs. By doing so, this allows us to seek and obtain products not available through single product manufactures and “catalog distributors”. And, by employing Chemical Application Specialists who know the treatment processes and how to apply the chemicals we offer, we are better suited to provide the most cost effective product for your application.

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Endimal™ SeriesImproved Odor Control Chemistries

A complete series of oxidative chemistries that have shown vast improvements in controlling odors in Biosolids Separation Processes over existing permanganate and other oxidizer chemistries.

All are effective at controlling: H2S, mercaptans, amines, & other organic sulfides

Endimal™ products are easy to feed liquids that do not have to be pre-diluted prior to use. And, Endimal™ products do not have the dusting issues associated with potassium permanganate which improves your worker safety.

In addition, Endimal™ DW has shown promise at improving cake solid concentrations in addition to controlling odors.

  • Improve odor control
  • Operator safety
  • Better economics
  • Made in the USA

Contact Coyne Chemical Environmental Services to arrange a site visit with one of our Chemical Applications Specialists to review your specific application.


Peracetic Acid (PAA)Improved Disinfection Chemistry

New regulations requiring the reduction in residual Cl2 and the need to eliminate dechlorination oxygen scavengers have presented treatment issues for today’s wastewater operators. In addition, the hazards of utilizing gas chlorine and the issues with off gassing and handling of sodium hypochlorite solutions have moved PAA to the forefront in many states for providing wastewater disinfection.

PAA is effective on:

  • Bacteria, viruses, E.coli
  • Is an easy to feed liquid
  • Has an extended shelf life
  • Will not decompose over time
  • Made in the USA

Contact Coyne Chemical Environmental Services for additional information or to have a Chemical Applications Specialist contact you to review your application.