New Products

Coyne Environmental strives to stay on top of new technologies required to meet today’s ever-changing regulations and treatment needs. This allows us to seek products not available through product manufacturers and “catalog distributors.” And, by employing Applications Specialists who know the treatment processes and how to apply the chemicals we offer, we are better suited to provide the most cost-effective product for your application.

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ZerOdor™ – A new, made-to-specification, calcium nitrate solution chemistry designed to reduce and control odors associated with the conveyance of waste waters in collection systems.

  • Effective on H2S, mercaptans, amines
  • Nonhazardous—easy-to-feed liquid product
  • Made to specification—not a byproduct
  • Made in the USA

ZerOdor™ Plus – A more concentrated version of ZerOdor, allowing for better economies of freight logistics and reduced dosages.

ActXone™ – A new patented technology especially formulated for use in odor control scrubbers, replacing the more traditional bleach/caustic/acid systems.

  • Effective on H2S, organic sulfides, disulfides, mercaptans, ketones, organic amines plus many other volatile organic compounds
  • Easy-to-feed liquid product—controlled via ORP
  • Reacts instantaneously; performs an irreversible reaction and produces no harmful byproducts
  • Nonvolatile—does not off gas

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