Potable & Process Water Treatment Applications

Our wide range of products and expertise are successful in applications for:

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Chlorination, Dechlorination, Chloramination & Disinfection

All of these treatment schemes are necessary in today’s potable water market. Whether one is looking to provide optimum chlorination levels, remove existing residuals during backwashing and flushing operations, reduce TTHM precursor potential, or ensure proper disinfection to the far reaches of the distribution system, having the choices to make informed treatment decisions is critical.

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The selection of an inorganic chemical to perform the coagulation step in water treatment is an individualized process for each facility and each raw water source. Depending on your treatment objective, water chemistry, and plant design, Coyne can evaluate and advise you on the best options in the market. And, because we perform on-site laboratory testing, we can assimilate plant conditions and operating parameters better than most other suppliers.

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Corrosion Inhibition, Sequestering & Scale Control

Phosphates are among the few recognized chemicals that can be safely added to potable water to combat the detrimental effects of contaminants due to corrosion, excessive mineral build-up, and deterioration of the distribution system. Phosphate additives result in significant improvements in water quality for many treatment systems. The selection of corrosion inhibitors and sequestrants must be an individualized process for each facility, depending on the specific application and the conditions dictated by your plant design and raw water parameters. Coyne Environmental has over 100 varied chemistries to offer our customers.

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Flocculation & Solids Separation

Potable and process water treatment entails many different processes, few more important than the separation of solids/turbidity from the influent flow. Optimization of these processes is critical to meeting quality treatment criteria from which most standards are derived. Coyne’s Environmental Applications Specialists have experience in all aspects of potable and process water treatment and review the entire treatment process in order to understand how one segment impacts another. Whether a treatment system requires a product for a clarification or filtration process, solids dewatering, or any other application, we are better versed to assist you in determining the best option for obtaining your treatment goal.

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The addition of fluoride to drinking water requires the evaluation of which water chemistry best fits your treatment process as well as potential background levels present in your raw water sources. Equally important issues to consider are ease of use and impact of the chemical feed on worker safety. Coyne Environmental has all your options available and can assist in your evaluation process.

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pH Control & Alkalinity Adjustment

Treatment processes as well as effluent permitting require precise pH levels and sufficient alkalinity to perform within standards required or allowed by law. Often, source waters do not contain the proper levels to meet treatment goals or chemical additions detract from these levels. Coyne Environmental works with you to carefully define your pH and Alkalinity requirements and then assists you in selecting the appropriate product from our full line of treatment chemistries.

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Plant Maintenance

Today’s potable and process water treatment plants are a series of complex processes that require constant monitoring, upkeep, and care. Coyne Environmental has developed a series of products to assist in the cleaning and preventative-care aspects to keep these systems in peak operating performance.

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Taste & Odor Control

Ridding potable waters of taste and odor issues is critical for our drinking water purveyors. Consumer confidence and satisfaction is essential along with meeting or exceeding all government regulations imposed on the industry. Coyne Environmental evaluates your treatment process and plant parameters and utilizes our in-depth knowledge of which products perform best in different applications in order to meet your specific treatment needs.

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