Coagulants have many uses in potable water treatment—removing harmful microorganisms and contaminants, removing color or TOC, improving filtration efficiency, maximizing plant capacity, and more.

Coyne Environmental offers the following coagulants for your potable and process water treatment applications:

  • Acidified Aluminum Sulfate Solution
  • Acidified Ferric Chloride Solution
  • Activated Silica
  • Aluminum Chlorhydrate
    • CES PACl 2000
  • Aluminum Chloride (All Grades)
  • Aluminum Sulfate (Solution/Dry)
  • Bentonite Clays
  • Coagulant/Polymer Blends
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Ferric Chloride (Solution/Anhydrous)
  • Ferric Sulfate (Solution/Anhydrous)
  • Polyaluminum Chlorides
    • CES PACl 700S TDS
    • CES PACl 900S TDS
    • CES PACl 950S TDS
  • Polyaluminum Hydroxychlorosulfates
  • Sodium Aluminate
  • Custom Inorganic/Organic Formulations



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