What is COSTARS and who is eligible?

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Purchasing Program. The name stands for Cooperative Sourcing to Achieve Reductions in Spend. This program allows its members to purchase through statewide contracts for various products and services. Organizations that are eligible to become members are Municipalities, Government Agencies, Schools, and other nonprofit organizations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

COSTARS has multiple contracts including janitorial supplies, office supplies, pest control services, and the contract we will be discussing, Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals COSTARS-15. This contract covers all the chemicals needed for the treatment of water and wastewater.

COSTARS-15 covers chemicals for: Corrosion Control – such as all the different phosphates; Chlorination – chemicals such as calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine; Inorganic Coagulants – such as PACls, iron salts, as well as aluminum sulfate and many other water and wastewater treatment chemicals. Contact our Chemical Applications Specialist in your area and request a specific quote for your individual chemical and delivery needs — or reach out to our offices at 800-523-1230.

The benefits of becoming a COSTARS member and ordering from the COSTARS-15 contract is the money you’ll save by not having to go out to bid – along with the associated legal work of bidding. And all the advertising and paperwork has been completed for you as well. Due to the large quantity purchasing through this contract, smaller municipalities receive the same pricing as larger municipalities, and with the variety of products available, you can choose local businesses to provide your supplies — thus supporting the local economy.

COSTARS also offers educational workshops, online training, and quarterly newsletters to all their members. They have staff on hand to help assist with how to purchase from state contracts, as well as other areas of interest.

There is no fee for you to become a member, for more information on the COSTARS-15 program visit www.costars.state.pa.us. If you are already a COSTARS member and would like more information on the products Coyne Chemical Environmental Services offers on the COSTARS-15 contract, please contact Therasa Stephenson, our Municipal Sales Associate at Tstephenson@coynechemical.com or 215-817-5210.

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