Affiliates: Cooperative Purchasing

Coyne has partnered with several state-level programs to provide customers in those states with the benefits of cooperative purchasing. These programs leverage procurement contracts and use competitive pricing strategies to help members achieve the best value.

Coyne is an approved supplier for the following programs:


Pennsylvania — COSTARS-15

COSTARS 15, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, is available to municipalities, government agencies, schools, and other nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania. The program eliminates bidding, saving valuable time, money, and associated legal work; and offers volume discounts and equal pricing for larger and smaller municipalities. COSTARS also offers educational workshops, online training, and quarterly newsletters, as well as staff to assist with purchasing.

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Massachusetts — COMMBUYS

COMMBUYS is the state of Massachusetts’ online procurement platform that links purchasers and suppliers. Municipal organizations can use COMMBUYS to buy from statewide contracts, which offer state-negotiated pricing, prompt pay discounts, and bulk purchase pricing. The COMMBUYS platform streamlines purchasing and procurement activities by managing bid posting, bid submission, bid award, purchase order activity, and vendor email notifications all online.

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New Jersey — NJSTART

The state of New Jersey offers a Cooperative Purchasing Program, which extends benefits in pricing, product quality, and contract process efficiencies for state-wide public purchasing entities (such as municipalities, counties, school districts, county and state colleges, volunteer fire departments, and other eligible groups). NJSTART, the state’s eProcurement portal, streamlines the procurement process and provides greater efficiencies to buyers and suppliers participating in the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

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